About Us

    The attachment I feel  for my country, Spain, and its traditions is one of the main reasons for creating this company in 2011. My aim was to put together a collection of gifts for natives and foreigners, which could be day-to-day items, which also share elements of the Iberian character. A year and a half after starting the search for suppliers, the father of one of my best friends, Mr Jesús Pérez Bilbao, who is a great lover of Portugal, convinced me to include Portugal in this business proyect. I am very grateful to him for his advise, I must say. 

     As our website name suggests, everything we sell in our online store is manufactured in Portugal and in Spain. The products we offer you are useful everyday items with a strong Iberian character. Moreover they are made mostly from natural raw materials such as: wool, wood, linen, cork, leather, clay, etc.

    Each and every one of the items of our catalogue is inspired by the art, history, literature, gastronomy, folklore, music and the natural world of the Iberian Peninsula. 

   Half the items we sell are made by craftsmen and the rest are manufactered in small and medium factories, so the lead time has crearly two different tempos.

    In the blog we will tell you more things about how some products we sell are manufactered, about where we found them and why we chose them for this catalogue. 

Anyway, I shall not keep you any longer. I Hope you like it. 

Best regards.

Fe Saldaña Ruiz