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Company name: Casorado S.L.

Company address: Juan Ramón Jiménez, 41, 28036 Madrid

Company Tax Code: B- 86101243

 Public Record: Registered in the Trade Register of Madrid. Hoja: M-510440, Inscripción 1, Folio 155 de la sección 8, Tomo 28.341
Telephone number: +34 918252072  Mobile phone: +34 670477834

Fax: +34 918252072



    These terms govern the relations arising between the provider (Casorado S.L) and customers who purchase any product offered through the website: owned and operated by Casorado S.L. 

    These terms and conditions shall be governed by the following Laws and Provisions, and Royal Decrees: the provisions of the Law 34/2002  of Services of the  Society of Information and E-commerce; the Law 7/1998 of General Conditions of Contract; the Royal Decree 1906/1999 ,regulating  telephone and electronic contracting,   with general conditions in accordance with the article 5.3 of Law 7/1998; the General Law 26/1984 for Consumer and User Protection; the Law 7/1996 of the Retail Trade; the Royal Decree 14/1999 regulating electronic firm,  and whatever laws are applicable to this subjects.

    The duration of our contract with you will start from when you order and we take payment and dispatch the products, until the last day of your right to cancel. Amendments and cancellations can be accepted until your order is prepared for dispatch. If we cannot supply you with the product you ordered, we will not process your order, inform you of this in writing and if you already paid for the product, refund you in full as soon as possible.

   Prior to despatch of the product (s), Casorado S.L. has the right to decline an order for any reason, and will, in such case, refund in full the customer.

   By using this site customers agree to comply with these terms and conditions which can be changed by Casorado S.L. from time to time. If you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, please tick the box located at the bottom of the Registration page, agreeing to the words: “I have read the terms and conditions of use of the services offered by Casorado S.L. , and I confirm that I accept them”.



  Welcome to

In our shop all the buying process will be carried out in two languages:  English and Spanish.

   To place an order you must be over 18  and be the holder of a valid debit/credit card. You must also warrant that the personal information that customers are required to provide when placing an order, is accurate and current in all respects.

   The items offered on, along with their features and prices will appear on the screen of your electronic devices. Casorado S.L. warrants the data provided about the items it offers is true. However, before placing and order, please take into consideration two things:    

-Handcrafted items may vary slightly in colour, size and weight from the information  provided.

-Though we have tried to ensure that the items on our website are presented as accurately as possible in the photographs, the colour you see will depend greatly upon your own personal monitors, tablets and mobile phone´s screens, therefore Casorado S.L. cannot guarantee that the colour of the actual item is absolutely accurate.

Lead time

    Another thing to take into consideration before placing an order is the lead time. Almost half of our suppliers are artisans that work at a much slower pace than factories, so, please, try to order from Casorado S.L with enough lead time to prevent any disappointment resulting from the delivery time.

Delivery time

    For items in stock delivery time is normally between 5 business days, depending on when the customer´s order is processed and the location the customer requires the order to be shipped to. For handcrafted items, delivery times can vary between 2 weeks and 4 weeks, from order date. In our shop items out of stock have a swallow icon nearby that means that the item is "coming soon". If  you are interested in any item marked with the swallow icon, please leave us an Email address so we can notify you when it is available again. 

Should you order items that are in stock along with other items that are not, you can choose between two options:

-getting the items in stock as soon as possible on a first shipping, and get the rest of your order on a second shipping (paying both), or

-wait till all items of your order are ready to be shipped together.

Open an account with us

    If you wish to have an account with us, please, tick at the bottom of the registration page, agreeing to the words: “Yes I want to have an account with MIP”. We will then store your data (which we will not share with anyone) to offer you a better service if you visit us more times.

     If you want to get information about new items, please tick the box at the bottom of the registration page, agreeing to the words: “Yes I want to get information about new items”. 

Working hours

   Casorado S.L. operates Monday to Friday. You can place your order any day of the week, but note that if you order late on Friday, we will process it Monday morning. 


    Our products are distributed between 17 categories; 12 of them appear on the left menu at the home screen, and on the photo menu (on tablets and computers screens). Those 12 categories are: Scents of the Península, Ceramics, Basketry, Local colour, Leather and Cork, Spirituality, Games, Books and Music, Wood, Metal, Stationery and Maps, Textile.

The rest of the categories appear when you hover over the:

 ojo.jpg Looking for... icon. Five more categories will ease you shopping process: for him, for her, for kids, for home, for the office. 

Should you prefer to find the gifts according to a given budget, press the: 

presupuesto.jpg  Budget  icon

and select the price range that suits you.

We also have a fast search button/engine , top left on the home screen next to the 

ojo.jpg Search icon

Write down the name of the product you want to find, in its singular form (for instance: "cushion", "book", "earing") and click to select it.

New items are marked by the

flor.jpg  New icon

Products on sale will appear if you click over the 

promocion.jpg  Sale  icon

If you wish your purchases gift-wrapped, you will be able to choose a gift paper and a gift card clicking over the

paquete.jpg Gift Wrapping  icon

In the buying process, you will find a dialogue window in which you can tell us your choice about the gift paper and the gift card, and about the message you want us to write for you.


Magnifier  To see all items with detail, you must click on the pictures to enlarge them, and then a Magnifier will be activated when you pass the cursor over the images.  It is easier to use the Magnifier in a computer screen, rather than in you mobile phone or your tablet, unless you have a finger the size of a straw.


To place and order you must press the

icon-cesta.png shopping bag icon below any item of our catalogue you wish to buy. There is an X in the upper right part of the shopping bag window. You can erase the items you do not want to buy just clicking on it. 

30 minutes count down. The items you select will remain just half an hour in your shopping bag. You can check the time you have left to finish your shopping in the count down signaled by the icon:


    We do not want to press your shopping process; on the contrary, you can take as long as you wish visiting our shop. It is rather a device to prevent the items to indefinetly fall into digital oubliettes. So, please, take your time, and when you make up your mind about what to shop, then fill your shopping bag and gently proceed to checkout.    

 Remember that if the item is not in stock, the  swallow golondrina.jpg icon will appear.


    When you finish adding items to your shopping bag, review your shopping bag. You will find out the total amount of your purchase, taxes and shipping fees included (this last part only after you provide us with the shipping address). 

Up to the last moment, you will be able to remove items from the cart, if you wish, with the 

borrar.jpg  Delete icon

or to cancel it all. To add things to the shopping bag does not imply buying at all. Only when you provide us with your personal data and you proceed to checkout  the purchase is made.


    In this stage of the purchase process, you will have to provide us with compulsory personal information that must be accurate and up to date in all respects, in order for us to process your order. Shipping address, billing address (if you need it), credit card number, etc. 

 Should you agree with the total amount of your purchase and shipping fees, you will be offered three ways to pay:

       - by debit/credit card

       - by Pay pall

       - by bank transfer to  Casorado S.L. bank account:                             

        IBAN: ES3521002130570200322821 ;  BIC/ SWIFT: CAIXESBBXXX

        Bank office address: C/ Bravo Murillo 276 - Madrid 28020

Note that all costs for any money transfer from another country or foreign account will be:

50 % the buyer & Casorado S.L.

The Spanish bank CaixaBank will take charge of transactions safely and efficiently.

    Note that we will never have your credit card number. Once payment is made, maximum within 48 hours we will send you a knowledge that we received your payment and are processing your order. You will be provided with a tracking number for you to monitor the status of your order. If you don´t get our email, please check your tray spam. If it is not there, please send us an email or phone us to the numbers and email address provided in “Contact”.

 At the last stages of the shopping process, a large comment fielf will open, telling you that:

If you wish to add a comment about your order, please enter it below   

Here is your opportunity for telling us which gift wrapping do you prefer, or what gift card is your favourite. If you want us to write a message for you on the gift card, please write it down in this textbox. 



       Casorado S.L. ships to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Luxemburg, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. We work with MRW Logistics agency. Our logistic center is in Alcalá de Henares (Spain). 



Shipping fees

    Shipping costs will be calculated based on the weight of packages and their shipping address. For international shipments the maximun accepted weight is 25 kg. When you provide the postal data the system will calculate your purchase shipping fee; please make sure you check out the shipping costs in "my shopping bag"  before paying the total amount of your purchase.

 Free shipping fees for purchases over 60 € in the Iberian Peninsula 


España y Portugal (Península Ibérica) HOME DELIVERY Melilla HOME DELIVERY
0 - 2kg 5.38 € 0 - 2kg 15.00€
2 - 5 kg 7.23 € cada 1kg adicional 5.00€
5 - 10 kg 9.11 € CEUTA HOME DELIVERY
10 - 15 kg 10.98 € 0 - 2kg 20.79€
15 - 20 kg 12.87 € cada 1kg adicional 10.40€
25 - 30 kg 16.91 € 0 - 1 kg 9.97€
30 - 35 kg 18.61 € 1 - 2 kg 12.92€
35 - 40 kg 20.47 € 2 - 3 kg 18.02€
cada 5 kg adicionales 3.60 € 3 - 4 kg 20.97€
AGENCY 4 - 5 kg 23.92€
0 - 2 kg 4.58 € 5 - 6 kg 29.05€
2 - 5 kg 6.43 € 6 - 7 kg 32.00€
5 - 10 kg 8.31 €
10 - 15 kg 10.18 €
15 - 20 kg 12.07 €
0 - 2 kg 4.53 € 8 - 9 kg 37.90€
2 - 5 kg 6.12 € 9 - 10 kg 40.85€
5 - 10 kg 7.73 €






10 - 15 kg 9.34 € 0 - 1 kg 10.47€
15 - 20 kg 10.69 € 1 - 2 kg 13.92€
20 - 25 kg 12.57 € 2 - 3 kg 19.52€
25 - 30 kg 14.41 € 3 - 4 kg 22.97€
30 - 35 kg 15.85 € 4 - 5 kg 26.42€
35 - 40 kg 17.43 € 5 - 6 kg 32.05€
cada 5kg adicionales 1.82 € 6 - 7 kg 35.50€
AGENCY 7 - 8 kg 38.95€
0 - 2kg 3.37 € 8 - 9 kg 42.40€
2 - 5kg 5.32 € 9 - 10 kg 45.85€
5 -10 kg 6.93 €
10- 15 kg 8.54 €
15 - 20 kg 9.89 €


(Alemania, Austria, Bélgica, Dinamarca, Francia,

Holanda, Italia, Luxemburgo, Polonia,

Reino Unido, Suiza, Madeira*, Azores*)

0 - 1kg 7.02 € 0 - 2 kg 18.00€
1 - 2kg 9.17 € 2 - 5 kg 28.00€
2 - 3kg 11.34 € 5 - 10 kg 34.00€
3 - 4kg 13.52 € 10 - 15 kg 41.00€
4 - 5kg 17.34 € 15 - 20 kg 49.00€
5 - 6kg 23.52 € 20 - 25 kg 54.00€
6 - 7kg 25.52 €
7 - 8kg 27.52 €
8 - 9 kg 29.52 €
9 - 10kg 31.52 €
10 - 15 kg 43.69 €
15 - 20 kg 55.86 €

International: there is no choosing here, sorry. You will get your shipment at home. There will be two delivery attemps, and if you fail to get your shipment, you will have 7 calendar days to pick it up at the agency. If you fail to do so, the shipment will come back to our warehouse in Alcalá de Henares, Spain at your expense. 

Iberian Peninsula: you can choose between (1) home delivery and (2) picking the shipment up at the agency.  If you choose the first delivery option, there will be two delivery attemps, and then if you fail to get your shipment for whatever reason, you will have 15 calendar days to pick it up at the agency. If you fail to do so, the shipment will go back to our warehouse in Alcalá de Henares, Spain, at your expense. If you choose the second option, PLEASE CHECK the distance between your home and the nearest logistics agency, for they sometimes may be many kilometers away.

   Casorado S.L. requires a signature for any goods delivered, at which point responsibility for the customer´s purchased goods passes to the customer. We require, in case you purchase ceramic items, that you open the parcel in front of the carrier before signing. If you cannot view the items on receipt we will not be liable for the condition of the goods. 

      If the customer has specified a recipient who is not themselves for delivery purposes, the customer accepts that evidence of a signature by this recipient is evidence of delivery and fulfilment by Casorado S.L. and transfer of responsibility in the same way.

  Should the customer places an order and then moves to another address which is not the same delivery address as specified when placing the order, the customer shall pay the resulting shipping fees. (So if you move, tell us on time and we will be able to send your order to the right place).

All risk in the product (s) you order (loss and/or damage to the products) shall pass to you when they are delivered to the delivery address specified in your order 

Casorado S.L shall not send anything to post-office boxes


     If you are contracting with Casorado S.L. as a consumer, online of by phone, you have the right to cancel any time up to 14 calendar days after the day on which you receive the goods you ordered (even if they are in perfect condition and correctly supplied).  You must inform us of this within 14 calendar days from the day you receive the items, sending us an email to:

 In order to receive a refund or exchange, the item(s) must be in perfect condition and in the original packaging. If the reason for return is not a result of a Casorado S.L. error, or because of the breakage of the product, the cost of returning the item to Casorado S.L is the customer´s responsibility. If the reason of the return is a result of an error, Casorado S.L. will take charge of the back and forth shipping charges.

The customer must notify Casorado S.L of their intentions to return the item within 48 hours of delivery, sending us an e.mail to :  Items must be returned within 14 days of the date of the return request. Returns outside these time frame will not be accepted.

Any refunds given by us will be made within a period not exceeding one month, to the debit/credit card account provided when you placed your order, or with a wire to the bank account from which you paid us.


   When you make a purchase, if the items are in stock, we will hand in your shipment as soon as possible to the logistic agency MRW, which will provide you with a tracking number for you to see the status of your order. If the items are not in stock, but nevertheless you purchase them, be sure we will be in touch with you, giving you regular notice about the status of your order.   


Casorado S.L. shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to deliver products if the delay or failure is wholly or partly caused by circumstances beyond our control.


     Casorado S.L. will not, by no means, share, resell or distribute your personal information to any other company or entity. Any information you share with us is for your own use and reference. We will fulfill the obligation to save your data and take all measures to prevent alteration, loss or unauthorized access in accordance with the provisions of the regulation on security measures for automated files containing personal data, approved by Royal Decree 994/ 1999 of July 11.

Should you not wish to receive further information from our website, just let us know. We will disappear meekly of your computer.

Customers may exercise the rights recognized in the Organic Law 15/1999 which enables them to have access to their data, to rectify it, or to ask that we delete your data , through a written and signed request that you can send a message to the following email address:, where you must indicate your name and surname, username, and e.mail address with which you signed up, enclosing a photocopy of your ID.  

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