• Typical items

    What to buy in Spain and Portugal that is typical and of good quality is a question many foreign visitors ask. 

    We agree with the view expressed in various forums on this topic that is better to buy one good thing than several cheap items. 

    In our Online store we have "the real thing" for we travel across the Iberian Peninsula to find our products in the places they are made in Spain and Portugal by artisans and in small factories. 

    We look for nice useful quality products which are at the same time the most typical and traditional items of Spain and Portugal. Things that will help you remember the special moments you spent with us in our beautiful countries. 

  • For him

       To ease your shopping process we have selected a number of items thinking only on MEN; hunting backpacks adapted to the city; leather shoulder bags for cycling to office; books, wineskins, botijos, small size cork and leather wallets to fit in the back pocket of their pants. Keychains, silver medals, Sangria jars, card games, soaps and towels.

    Although most men reside on Mars, we hope we have been able to satisfy their taste. 

  • For her

        Women usually buy things for any inhabitant of the household, then for the house itself, and lastly – perhaps-, they buy something for themselves. When their turn comes in, we have many special gifts for them: silver filigree jewellery made in Córdoba; cork handbags and wallets made in Lisbon; leather backpacks made in Toledo, to flee to the forest; soaps with the scents of Portugal; hand-painted fans made in Valencia; hand embroidered bags and towels; books that allow you to know Portugal and Spain better, and many other gifts that will brighten your day-to-day life. 

  • For children

       Children are unpredictable and funny beings, and their tastes are even more so. Some of them have taken a close look to this catalogue, and the item they like best is the stork shaped golden scissor. For them we have chosen several gifts with which we expect to gain their approval; card games, table games, pencil cases, mouse coin cases made of cork, notebooks, pig shaped cushions, and of course, the stork shaped golden scissor. (With parental supervision, please!)