• For the house

         We have many useful things with an Iberian touch for the house: lamps, cushions, jars, blankets, candles, bowls, dishes, tablecloths, towels, baskets, boxes, candleholders, etc. Everything is made with the best materials and the skill of Spanish and Portuguese artisans and manufacturers. The basketry items are small works of art that have survived the tyranny of Plastic. The ceramic objects we have in our catalogue come from various parts of Spain and Portugal; each one of them has its little story behind and its special beauty. In the textiles section we have chosen textiles 100% natural, such as wool, linen and cotton. Blankets are made of wool, towels are made of cotton and tablecloths are made of linen. We like beautiful everyday objects made with care and natural material. 


  • To take with you

       Almost half of the items we have in our catalogue are things to carry with you such as: bags, wallets, coin cases, travel bags, shoulder bags, portfolios, keychains, fans, jewellery, religious medals, leather backpacks, shawls, scarves, etc. Everyday items that go with you in your Day-to-Day. You may use them for your work, for travel or for strolling around. As the rest of our products, they are nice useful souvenirs from our land, made by skilled craftsmen from Portugal and Spain with natural materials such as: cork, silver, leather, wool, and wood. 

  • For your free time

       In this section you may find items to entertain your mind and spirit. Games, books, Stationery (to draw, to write), music, videos, items for your outdoors activities. We have wonderful books on Portugal, that mysterious and discreet country that dwells in the Western part of the Iberian Peninsula. We have books on Spain too, and interesting books that talk about both countries. In the games section we have table games such as Dominoes and Parcheesis and games of cards. For your outdoors activities we have things such as: leather Wineskins, Picnic baskets, and leather portable folding Chairs. 

  • Typical local items

        What to buy in Spain and Portugal that is authentic and local and of good quality is a question many foreign visitors ask. We agree with the view of several Internet forums that it is better to buy one quality thing than to buy many cheap items that are not even made here. We are used to travel across the Iberian Peninsula looking for "the real thing" in all fields: leather, basketry, ceramics, jewellery, etc. We visit the artisans and the factories that make all the things we sell in this online store. We check all products to make sure they are of good quality. And, of course, we always look for nice typical local things you can only find in Spain and Portugal. 


  • Budget

        Another way to choose what to buy is the budget available. All our products have reasonable prices, but obviously it is not the same to buy a good quality leather backpack than a matchbox. We have placed all our products in five price ranges; the first one ranging from 3 to 10 euros; the second ranging from 10 to 20 euros; the third from 20 to 50; the fourth from 50 to 100 euros and the fifth ranging from 100 upwards. 

  • What are you looking for?

         We have devised other search criteria than the three main categories of the home page. Our aim is to simplify the process of finding a gift, according to who is the lucky person that is going to receive it (a man, a woman or a child) or depending on what material the object is made of (ceramics; vegetable fibres; cork; leather; wood; metal; textiles). Another search criterium is: "Typical items", where you will find authentic local items that are still being made in the Iberian Peninsula.  

  • Gift Packaging

         If you want your purchase to be wrapped as a gift, there are two choices of gift packaging: a) sand coloured gift paper with black and white cotton ribbon, and b) dark blue gift paper with golden ribbon. There are two kinds of gift cards too: the woman who sells fabrics and the man who sells baskets. 

      After adding the desired number of gift papers and gift cards to your shopping bag, tell us the way you want us to wrap your purchases in the text box you will come across on the last step of the buying process. We can also write goodwill messages in your name on the gift cards.  

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  • 24,00 €

        Sterling silver Caravaca Cross. This famous byzantine cross is a reliquary for Lignum Crucis .  It was probably brought from Holy Land to Caravaca (Murcia) by knights Templars back in the XIIIth century. The legend says that it was miraculously brought to Caravaca by two angels; that is why they are represented at the foot of the cross.  

    24,00 €
  • 52,00 €

    Rose petal rosary made by the Carmelite nuns of Burgos (Spain). It comes in a hand made wooden round box with a beautiful marquetry white rose on the top, made in Segovia and in Mejorada del Campo (Spain). 

    52,00 €
  • 0,10 €

        Gift card with a woman peddler thant sells fabrics in 1800 Madrid. Peddlers in Madrid sold an incredible variety of things: food, flowers, water, olive oil, candles, basketry, ceramics, carpets, fabrics, saint figurines, glass, even living piglets. Peddlers went through Madrid crying the quality of their goods at the top of their voices. 

    0,10 €
  • 16,00 €

        Travel censer with red suede and cow leather bag, and ten rose scented incense cones. It includes a small glazed stoneware dish. This nice set is very useful and it can be easily carried in a handbag to make friendly and homely the most soulless of places. 

    16,00 €
  • 156,00 €

        Beautiful handloom woven wool blanket in ocher tones. It has 12 cm long fringes in white, brown, grey and dark- orange colours. It is made of 70% wool, 10 % alpaca, 10 % cotton and 10 % rayón. 

    156,00 €
  • 67,00 €

    Long wool scarf, handloom woven in Segovia with flecked wool dyed in green, ocher and dark red. It has 10 cm long fringes on both side. Its lenght- 1,74 cm-, makes it a very versatile garment. It is made of a blend of wool, alpaca, and cotton, light and soft to the touch, that will keep you warm throughout the winter.

    67,00 €
Showing 1 - 6 of 82 items