Wool, cotton, linen, wood, silver, cork, leather, clay, vegetal fibers, etc, are some of the material used in the making of the objects we sell in Made in la Península. This search criterion may be useful for those who wish to find the items by the material they are made of.  


  • Ceramics

        Ceramics have a special magic; you can see the artisan fingerprints on it with clarity. Clay objects are a small piece of the country from which they spring. In the case of this beautiful white clay botijo, a small piece of Alicante (Spain). Ceramic objects gather beauty and utility at the same time. Their natural habitat is the kitchen although some of them, humble as they are, can walk into de dinning room confidently.  

  • Basketry

         Objects made by hand with vegetable fibres have a braided beauty which nearly always has a functional aim, except for some toys or decorative animal heads (such as: donkeys, pigs, or bulls). We have several types of baskets -made of wicker, esparto grass, and cattail fiber- , sisal placemats, bread baskets, fans, bull heads and screen lamps.

  • Cork

         Portugal is the world´s largest producer of cork, and it is also a leader in using this material in the manufacture of all kinds of items. In the past most of the cork production was dedicated to the manufacture of cork stoppers and insulating materials; currently part of this production is beginning to be used in new fields such as the manufacture of fashion accessories and household goods. 

  • Leather

        In Spain there is an old leathercraft tradition, in nearby cattle areas near the mountains. Backpacks, handbags, wallets, coin cases, hunting backpacks, and other leather goods are famous for their high quality. It is funny to notice how horse trappings, horseback riding articles, and leather hunter items (such as cartridge cases) bear a striking decorative profusion and a delicate and feminine touch, so to say, for so manly stuff.  

  • Wood

        Wood is an important raw material in the Iberian Peninsula for the manufacture of objetcs of all kinds. The most common types of wood in the Peninsula are: beech, chesnut, oak wood, walnut, elm wood, olive wood, and Holm oak. Made of wood we have: boxes for different uses, kitchen cuttlery, pencil cases, olive wood kitchen mortars, and fashion jewellery. 

  • Metals

       The people of these lands has always excelled in the manufacture of jewellery and ornaments of metal. Proof of this are the metal and jewellery items we have selected for this catalogue: traditional jewellery made of sterling silver; religious medals, scissors of various types: damascene pillboxes, letter openers and crosses, and the typical Barcelos roosters.   

  • Textiles

         Fabrics from Portugal and Spain are as varied as the peninsular people. In the north, colours are more discreet and softer than in the south. But when one lets behing the greener and rainy part of the peninsula and heads south, colours grow in brightness to the point of becoming shrill and flashy. Decorative motives also become bolder and Baroque. In this online shop we offer you Portuguese and Spanish embroidery; cotton Bath towels; linen tablecloths and kitchencloths made in Portugal; hand painted fans made in Valencia; Granada multicolored cushions, and Rioja wool blankets made in four different bright colours with matching lamps made in Madrid.