What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?

     We have devised other search criteria than the three main categories of the home page. Our aim is to simplify the process of finding a gift, according to who is the lucky person that is going to receive it (a man, a woman or a child) or depending on what material the object is made of (ceramics; vegetable fibres; cork; leather; wood; metal; textiles). Another search criterium is: "Typical items", where you will find authentic local items that are still being made in the Iberian Peninsula.  


  • For him

        Whe have many things for men; small size wallets so they can carry them in the back pocket of their pants; scarves; leather backpacks; travel bags; wineskins; books on Portugal and on Spain; board games and card games, and special items for men only such as a smart blue navy fan and a small cufflinks box made of wood with marquetry. 

  • For her

      We have many beautiful gifts for women; fans, handbags made of cork, leather backpacks, hand-painted fans, wallets, coincases, household goods, books on Spain and Portugal, board games, card games, traditional jewellery from Spain and Portugal, scarves and shawls.  

  • For children

         We have some little gifts for children that may catch their fancy.  Actually, we have been advised by some children, and what all of them chose from the catalogue were the golden scissors in the shape of a stork. But as they are quite sharp, it is better they used it with parental supervision. For children we have books, card games and board games, cushions in the shape of little pigs and coincases for their pocket money.   

  • Typical items

         What to buy in Spain and Portugal that is authentic and local and of good quality is a question many foreign visitors ask. We agree with the view of several Internet forums that it is better to buy one quality thing than to buy many cheap items that are not even made here. We are used to travel across the Iberian Peninsula looking for "the real thing" in all fields: leather, basketry, ceramics, jewellry, etc. We visit the artisans and the factories that make all the things we sell in this Online store. We check all products to make sure they are of good quality. And, of course, we look for nice typical local things you can only find in Spain and Portugal. Things that you will be able to pass down to your children if you wish, with a litlle care on your part.


  • Material

        Wool, cotton, linen, wood, silver, cork, leather, clay, vegetal fibers, etc, are some of the material used in the making of the objects we sell in Made in la Península. This search criterion may be useful for those who wish to find the items by the material they are made of.