The books and music we have selected for this catalogue are peaceful paths to get to the heart of Portugal and Spain, either through pictures, poetry, literature, art, or through the most traditional recipes from both countries. 


  • Books on Spain

       Spain is a beautiful country with a great geographical and human variety. Spanish people, those living on the coast and inland, those living in the North, South, East and West, have in common a great sociability. We love street life, we are lively, loud, we easily strike up a conversation with anyone that crosses our way, we are generous and to top it all we are good looking ;-). The best way to getting to know us is coming to Spain and share the streets, cafés and terrazas with us. You can also learn how to cook our favorite dishes, read our favorite poems, and walk through our habitat, learn to speak our language, and something about our history and art. In our books you will find us and our country. 

  • Books on Portugal

        Portugal for most Spaniards is a mistery- country that turns its back to Spain and looks to the West, far into the Atlantic Ocean, separated from us by a large psychological distance rather than physical. Portugal is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a very evident exotic touch and a restless traveling vocation. Doctor Gabriel Magalhaes, who has lived on both sides of the border says you can never understand Portugal and its people unless you are not familiar with Portuguese literature. I would say that reading his book : "Los secretos de Portugal" is a great shortcut to reach that knowledge. On the other hand, the books of Spanish Doctor Angel García Prieto are like magic keys to penetrate the secrets of this Neptunian and marine country that has so many worlds within itself.     

  • Books on the Iberian...

       In this category we have included the books that cross the border (la Raya) with ease and talk about things that are important for both countries, skipping the notoriuos psycological gap between Portugal and Spain. For there is nothing like traveling and share life with your neighbors to begin to understand them better and appreciate them much more. We particularly love the disinhibited and positive way of looking at things of Spanish economist Federico González Tejera. His book on personal and work relationships between Spanish and Portuguese people is indeed very enlightening. We hope to increase this section soon for it is one of our favourite.