For your free time

For your free time

   In this section you may find items to entertain your mind and spirit. Games, books, Stationery (to draw, to write), music, videos, items for your outdoors activities. We have wonderful books on Portugal, that mysterious and discreet country that dwells in the Western part of the Iberian Peninsula. We have books on Spain too, and interesting books that talk about both countries. In the games section we have table games such as Dominoes and Parcheesis and games of cards. For your outdoors activities we have things such as: leather Wineskins, Picnic baskets, and leather portable folding Chairs. 


  • For Outdoors

       The Outdoors section includes items to take with you when you go out into the countryside or to go fishing, hunting or whatever outdoor activities you choose to do. Wineskins were the nomadic way to carry liquids, as the botijos are the typical liquids container sedentary people use to keep water fresh. The picknik basket is also a useful thing to carry with you when you grow tired of asphalt, as well as the smart hunting backpack made of deerskin leather. 

  • Audiovisual

       In the Audiovisual section for the time being we offer you a sample of Portuguese music and the best wildlife documentaries on Iberian nature that have been made so far in Spain, by the much-missed Doctor Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente.  

  • Games

        Among the card games and board games of our catalogue stand the most popular games in Spain such as the Spanish deck of cards to play "Mus", and a Domino. As everyone that has been in Spain knows, we Spaniards are gregarious social beings and we love to hang around in bars, cafés and friends` houses to play cards, Domino or any other game that needs more than one player.

  • Books

       The books and music we have selected for this catalogue are peaceful paths to get to the heart of Portugal and Spain, either through pictures, poetry, literature, art, or through the most traditional recipes from both countries. 

  • Stationery

         In the Stationery section we have notebooks with tile design on the covers, recipe notebooks, pencil cases and pencil tins, agendas and maps of the Iberian Peninsula. The pencil holder Espartero soldier and the Damascene letter opener add the warrior touch to this selction of items.