To take with you

To take with you

   Almost half of the items we have in our catalogue are things to carry with you such as: bags, wallets, coin cases, travel bags, shoulder bags, portfolios, keychains, fans, jewellery, religious medals, leather backpacks, shawls, scarves, etc. Everyday items that go with you in your Day-to-Day. You may use them for your work, for travel or for strolling around. As the rest of our products, they are nice useful souvenirs from our land, made by skilled craftsmen from Portugal and Spain with natural materials such as: cork, silver, leather, wool, and wood. 


  • Everyday Accessories

    These small and useful accessories are part of our daily life; Keychains, pillboxes, Glasses cases, etc. Some of them are seasonal, fans for instance, but others stay with us along the year.  

  • Jewellery & Fashion...

         We really like traditional pieces of jewellery with a lot of character. About filigree we must say there are two types according to the way it is made: the traditional way, which takes a lot of time and skill, and therefore is much more expensive; and casting filigree. Our filigree jewellery is casting silver filigree. The Fashion Jewellery we have is made of Alder and gilded silver. They are very light and graceful pieces that look great on any type of woman. They are the great-granddaughters of our foremothers´jewellery.

  • Bags

        We have very special bags made of cork and leather; Light lady handbags made of cork, leather backpacks and hunting backpacks adapted to the city -it has an anti theft back pocket-. We have as well large travel bags made with cow leather and typical striped fabric of the Alpujarra with matching travel kit; beautiful and useful small shoulder bags that look like typical Toledan cartridge cases; a nice blue suede briefcase with a lot of character, and more things that can be used either for travel or for your day-to-day live. 

  • Wallets & Coincases

        We have wallets for men and women, made of cork and of leather, in bright colours and in discreet colours. There are mouse-shaped coincases for children of all ages, coin- shaped and heel- shaped coincases (in Portugal are called "horse hoof" coincases).

  • Traditions & Beliefs

      The Iberian Peninsula is a land rich in saints and warriors, with many shrines and holy places scattered throughout the territory. Our mystics and saints stand out for a free and intense spirituality. In this online store we couldn´t forget saints and virgins religious medals, crosses and rosaries, which are manifestations of vivid, passionate religious feelings.

  • Fashion Accessories

     This section has some fashion accessories such as shawls, scarve, stoles, and so on. We are on the watch for new items more suited to spring and summer time.